Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions that are not addressed here.

If I’m not a client, can I still refer someone to Constant Link?

Yes, We appreciate any referrals and we thank you ahead of time.

How does your billing work?

We’ll bill you on the first of every month for that month’s specific plan. If you used up any excess minutes the month before, the additional charges would be included in the current bill.

How are your receptionists trained?

Our receptionists undergo intensive training. They are also reviewed once a month on randomly selected messages to ensure accuracy.

How long does it take to set up the service?

We can have most accounts set up in two business days. More complex accounts may take a day longer.

What happens if the person on-call does not answer?

If that person has a backup, we can call him or her. This process is called a “cascade.”

Can I forward whenever I want?

Yes. Some clients forward to us all the time while others forward after office hours and on weekends.

How do I receive my messages?

We can send them to you via text or email.