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How Constant Link helps a homeowners’ association

When a homeowners association needed an answering service to help handle emergencies, they called Constant Link. The association needed 24-hour coverage of their emergency phone line. They wanted to make it easy for their members so that they only had to make one call to have their problem resolved. The handyman normally on duty had to be […]

Outsourcing Scheduling with Constant Link saves time and money. Case Study

Scheduling appointments can take a lot of time on the phone as clients ask questions and try to decide when to come in. This takes valuable time from your staff and the in-person customer experience suffers. When a large service company was overwhelmed by the number of appointment calls, they realized they needed help. To find […]

Why use a receptionist service

Why Use Constant Link to help your business? Like any business owner, you have to get work done and constant interruptions cut into your productivity which cuts into your earnings. The less work you get done, usually the less money you make. If you have a project to get done and you receive 10 phone […]

Client Case. Business solves 2 problems with Constant Link.

When Charles, who owns a 2 man home repair business, needed to take a vacation, he realized he would potentially lose some clients during that time as he is the main person who answers all of his company’s calls. So he called Constant Link to set up service while he went on vacation and he […]

Telephone Answering Service Helps Business Grow

Dennis Harris, owner of ACSI Business Machines faced a problem. His office machine business had a high number of calls at certain times of the day and during particular times of the year that he couldn’t keep up with. He was losing customers who couldn’t get through due to busy signals or whose calls they […]

Insurance Agency Helps Hundreds After Microburst

Robin peered through the water cascading down her windows. Tree branches, roofing materials, and garbage streamed past her house in a swarm of debris, dirt, and rain. With a loud crack, she watched her 60-foot Sugar Maple tree split and crash to the ground, blocking the driveway. Then the lights went out.   While Robin […]

A Personal Touch Makes All the Difference

Sarah looked out the car window at the changing leaves. She couldn’t wait to get home so she could ride her pony Bobbi down the country lanes under the trees’ golden canopy. Once home, Sarah skipped out the back door towards the corral. As she got near, what she saw made her heart stop, not […]

Construction Company Benefits from Expanding Their Answering Service’s Role

Tim Koenig poked his head in David Lynde’s office Monday afternoon, wearing a big grin. “We got the Fitzgerald Natatorium job!” David beamed. “That’s a 2.6 million dollar project!” “I know,” Tim replied. “I quoted it, remember?” “Well, now that we’ve got it, how are we going to manage it?” David asked. “That’s your department, […]

Entrepreneur Competes with Larger Firms

Exhausted, Jay returned to his office to discover his answering machine was blinking 14. Frustrated, Jay set his toolbox down with a thud and plopped into his chair. He grabbed a scrap of paper and hit “play.” The air was filled with urgent calls from businesses with computer issues and network problems. Jay scribbled madly […]

Answering Service Case Study: Photographer Uses Answering Service to Standout

Kylie began searching the internet for photographers. She and her fiancé were making slow progress at planning their wedding in June. Their next task was finding a photographer. She knew she should have started earlier, but six months seemed like plenty of time; she was about to learn differently. Kylie looked at an impressive online […]