3 Simple Steps and You're in Service

Step 1. You fill out programming forms

Just two Simple forms are all it takes to program your account. The Programming Questionnaire and The Service Agreement. The 2 forms will be emailed to you. Once you complete them, save and email them back to us.

Step 2. We program your account & train our staff

As soon as we receive the 2 forms from you, we start programming your account. After the account is programmed, we train our entire staff on your account so that when the 1st call comes in, we are ready to answer as your receptionist. We will also make test calls and send test messages as needed from our system.

Step 3. You forward your line to us & we start answering your calls

Once your Service Number is activated, all you have to do is forward your business line to that number. Forwarding may be done manually or depending on your system, your phone provider can set it up for you. You may forward your line to us whenever you like. You'll have 24/7 Live Receptionist coverage for your business calls.