How It Works

Our Competitive Advantage

Our goal is to make your business operations a lot easier by taking care of your customers’ incoming calls. We’re also pleased to share with you our competitive edge over other service providers.

Live Receptionists

Enjoy the professionalism of a traditional receptionist for just a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist. We promise to make a good impression on your clients with every call.

Seamless Call Transfer

You can virtually be “in your office” anywhere around the world even when you’re on the go. Your calls are answered live, screened, and can be connected to your cell phone, or office phone. You have the option to take each call and have it connected to you instantly. Alternatively, we can take a message and either email or text it to you within seconds.

24/7 Live Virtual Receptionist Coverage

Does your company have extended hours or locations? Our live receptionist service gives you coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With our full staff of talented and experienced virtual receptionists, you’ll never have to worry about coverage gaps for lunch breaks, sick days, or vacations.

Tailored to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Every business has a unique way processing phone calls. We’ll work with your business and every member of your team to handle your calls exactly the way you want. Every member of your company can give us a different set of instructions on how to handle their calls, including specific instructions for individual callers and expected calls.

Text or E-mail Your Messages

You can have your messages sent to you via SMS text or e-mail. We can send the messages to you and other members of your staff.

Appointment Scheduling

We can schedule appointments for you directly on your online calendar. This is an optional feature that costs $30 per month.

Toll-Free Update Hotline (1-888-861-3758)

Do you need to give us special instructions for a call you’re expecting? Will you be using a temporary number while you’re out of town? Call our toll-free hotline to change or update your Constant Link virtual receptionist call handling at any time.

Local or Toll-Free Number Included

We will issue you an individual service phone number. This can be a local number or a toll free number. Then you can either forward your existing business line to that number, or publish the number directly and use it as your business number.

Works With All Phone Systems and Any Number of Employees

With us, there is no need to purchase expensive phone equipment. Our service works with your existing phone system setup, and we can handle up to 100 separate phone lines or extensions under every Constant Link account.

No Outsourcing

Unlike other virtual receptionist solutions companies, we do not outsource your calls. All our calls are answered in our U.S. based call center.

More Choices for You

While most answering service providers offer 3 to 5 price plans, our plans increase in 50-minute increments. Why is this important? Let’s say your account uses 350 minutes every month. Other providers can only offer you 100, 200 or 500-minute plans. With them, you would be paying for 150 excess minutes every month and that adds up. We offer plans starting from 25 minutes up to 5,000 minutes. To sum it up, we can offer you the exact plan you need.