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Outsourcing Scheduling with Constant Link saves time and money. Case Study

Scheduling appointments can take a lot of time on the phone as clients ask questions and try to decide when to come in. This takes valuable time from your staff and the in-person customer experience suffers. When a large service company was overwhelmed by the number of appointment calls, they realized they needed help. To find out if outsourcing scheduling appointments was a viable solution, they reached out to Constant Link. After consulting with the service company and finding out exactly what they needed and how their scheduling software worked, we offered to do their appointment scheduling.  Our entire staff was trained on their scheduling software and particulars of the account and we went live. Since Constant Link offers 24/7 live answering, if any clients called after hours, we could still make the appointment for them. This was a plus for the service company as their office closes at 5 pm.

How it was done:

The service company added an option to schedule appointments on their IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu. As soon as the callers selected that option, the call was forwarded to our call center seamlessly. Our receptionists then acted as in-house receptionists and walked the callers though taking their appointments. If the callers had any detailed questions beyond the basic ones that the receptionists could answer, they would then transfer the call to the office. These transfers were done as “In-house transfers”. The appointments were taken right on the service company’s

The results:

With the appointments being handled by Constant Link, the service company staff was able to focus on their core work.  The extra time they were able to give their clients in person resulted in better customer experience. Call, messages and minutes reports are sent to the service company every 2 weeks so they can monitor the service. For about the cost of 3 hours on in-house receptionist per day, Constant Link was able to provide 24/7 Coverage and Scheduling solutions for this service company.

If your staff is being overwhelmed by too many phone calls cutting into their work, Constant Link can help. Please call 1-888-511-6101 or visit our website features page for details.

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