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Why use a receptionist service

Why Use Constant Link to help your business? Like any business owner, you have to get work done and constant interruptions cut into your productivity which cuts into your earnings. The less work you get done, usually the less money you make.

If you have a project to get done and you receive 10 phone calls in one day, with each phone call taking 2-5 minutes, that’s 20-50 minutes taken away from your project. Also, factor in how many times you have to respond to text messages and emails throughout the day.  With a receptionist service, you save time because they can answer all of your calls and you can return those calls whenever you have time.

Scenario 1. You just started a big marketing campaign. You invested a lot of money and time researching key words and the best S.E.O. strategy to take. You are on your way to meet one of your clients and the calls start coming in. The marketing campaign is working. You might be in your car, or about to walk into the meeting which may last an hour or two. What happens to all those calls? Do they just go to your voice mail?  Many potential clients will not leave a message when greeted by a voice mail. Why? Because they usually need an answer quickly. If you don’t answer, they’ll just call a competitor. The second reason why many potential clients won’t leave a message is that they have no idea when their voice mail will be heard, let alone when someone will return their call.

An article from Forbes magazine from 2015 discussed this already dying technology for businesses:

JPMorgan Chase Deals Latest Blow To A Dying Technology: Voicemail –by Laura Reston.

“JPMorgan Chase just announced that it would eliminate most of the voicemail systems in its consumer banking division. A spokesman told Bloomberg that employees were given a choice about whether to dismantle the voicemail on their phones. About 65% opted to do so—a move that will save the company about $3.2 million annually.”

So if you’re still using voice mail for your business, you may be losing clients and not even realize it.

Scenario 2. Scheduling client meetings is part of how you do business. The meeting is where you sell your product or service. A potential client calls, and you spend 10 minutes answering questions that are part of your presentation while the client selects the date and time that works for them. When you’re finally at the meeting you miss your calls from potential clients who were ready to schedule a meeting.

Constant Link offers scheduling servicewhere our receptionists can instantly pull up your online calendar and schedule the client for you. If the client has questions, the receptionist can simply say in a very nice tone, “Jane can answer all of your questions at the meeting. She’s the expert”. Once the receptionist schedules an appointment for you, your online calendar will be updated, and it will send you reminders according to your settings.

Scenario 3. You have to qualify your leads. You don’t want to waste your valuable time working with bad leads. You have a couple of choices: Online or over the phone. You can have the qualifying questions on your web site and that will work with some people, but what about the people who call in? You can’t tell them to hang up and go visit your web site, they already took the time to call you. What if you’re working with a prospective client at the time and can’t answer the phone?  With Constant Link’s “Intake” service, when a potential client calls your office, our receptionist will ask the qualifying questions for you. We can even type in the answers for you right on your platform so when the phone call ends, all the information is already on your system. From a few simple questions to detailed questions, Constant Link will qualify the leads for you. That leaves you more time to select the qualified leads and work directly with them.

Scenario 4. Your company has a rotating on-call schedule. How do you handle the incoming calls? Do you forward the calls to Steve who is the first person on the on-call schedule this week? What if you do that and Steve does not or cannot answer? The caller will hear his voice mail. Then what happens? If the client calls back and Steve still does not answer the client will be very dissatisfied with the service. Anne, the second person on-call never received the call. With Constant Link “on-call rotation” service that problem is fixed. You simply email us your new schedule and we do all the work. So if a call comes in at 3 a.m. on Saturday and Steve is the first person on call, the receptionist will take the caller’s information, and she will then call Steve. If Steve answers, she will connect the call to him. Steve will know it’s Constant Link calling because he has the number programmed on his phone. If Steve is unavailable, the receptionist will then connect the call to Anne, the second person on the on-call list. How would their supervisor know if a call came in at 3 am and that it was connected to Anne? Constant Link can note it on the message slip who the call was connected to and can send a copy of that message to Steve, Anne, and their supervisor so that he can follow up on it the next day.

Scenario 5. You have a receptionist, but no one answers during lunch or after hours and you notice hang ups on your voice mail. Your receptionist takes a daily one-hour lunch break. If anyone calls during that time, the calls go to voicemail where the caller may or may not leave a message. At 5 p.m. your receptionist goes home for the day. Anyone who calls between 5:01 p.m. and 7:59 a.m., a 15-hour window, will reach your voice mail. Do you have any potential clients who call you after hours? You may not know it, but you’re probably losing a lot of potential clients here. Constant Link offers 24/7 Live Receptionist service. We can answer all of your calls, no matter what time they come in. We can take messages, connect calls to you or your staff and we can also schedule clients for you. What about when your receptionist is sick or has to take a personal day, or is stuck in traffic and your phones are ringing? Constant Link is always there for you, for a fraction of the cost of your in-house receptionist.

Part of your Constant Link team answering your calls 24/7/365

Constant Link offers a variety of different solutions for large and small businesses.

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