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Client Case. Business solves 2 problems with Constant Link.

When Charles, who owns a 2 man home repair business, needed to take a vacation, he realized he would potentially lose some clients during that time as he is the main person who answers all of his company’s calls. So he called Constant Link to set up service while he went on vacation and he also informed us that many of his callers were Spanish speakers. We explained to him that Constant Link service is bilingual in English and Spanish, but that the 14 day free trial does not cover vacation because some people tend to abuse the free trial, so he said, “OK then, I’ll pay 90 days up front”. So we set up his account and had it ready to go one month before he was due to take his vacation.

We asked Charles if he wanted to test the service before he left to confirm that it was working according to his instructions. He forwarded his line to us and in the first day he received 44 calls and the next day 32 calls. Charles said he was so impressed by how friendly and professional the receptionists were, that he decided to leave his phone line forwarded to Constant Link 24/7. This allowed him to get more work done because he was not interrupted 44 times a day. Constant Link handled his calls and sent him his messages. He was free to then return his clients’ calls at his earliest convenience.

The other issue Charles was having was the tremendous number of robo calls received every day. This was really annoying and it cut into his productive time. We realized on day one that out of 44 calls, 17 of them were robo calls/ automatic telemarketing calls. To fix the problem, we set up an ACFS Automated Call Filtering System, which screened out the robo calls from the human calls.

We set up the ACFS with only one option. “To speak to one of our Representatives Please press 1”, at that point a human is able to press one to be transferred to a live person, and a robot is unable to, so the robo calls end there. The ACFS essentially blocked out 90% of his robo calls / automated telemarketing calls and it also lowered his bill.

Charles went on his vacation and came back. He was so impressed with the service that after the 90 days, he continued as a client. Constant Link solved both of his problems; answering his calls while he’s busy and blocking 90% of his telemarketing/junk calls.

Would you like to know how Constant Link can help your company? Contact us at 1-888-511-6101. We’ll be happy to help.

By Franco Lira

Photo: Constant Link receptionists providing excellent service

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