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Improve Flexibility by Working With Virtual Receptionists

Office spaces today tend to look quite different than they did in the past. Today, contemporary offices feature open floor plans that encourage communication and collaboration rather than cubicles and individual offices that tend to stifle creativity. For some businesses, having an office at all is no longer essential. Virtual offices are becoming more and more common, especially as communication technologies continue to improve, and workers are better able to communicate from anywhere. But owne...More >

Make Running Your Business Easier On Yourself By Hiring Someone Else To Answer the Phones

If you are running your own small business, there can be plenty of things to worry about, from bookkeeping to ordering items to payroll. All of this can take a lot of time. What you might not have time for it answering your company's phones, while you should be worrying about running your business. Hiring telephone answering services can solve your problem. Telephone call answering service can be a great way to have you lines taken care of by a professional receptionist service, giving you the t...More >

How Virtual Secretaries May Help You Cut Costs

It is no secret that today's economy has forced individuals and business owners alike to cut costs and tighten belts. Although this can be a stressful time for many, it is important to note that advancing technology has made this transition a bit easier. One way that businesses are looking to reduce cost is through reducing overhead. A new means of exploring this task is through the implementation of virtual secretary services. Here is some information about virtual secretary services. Having...More >

You Can Increase Your Company’s Efficiency by Getting Live Receptionist Services

Do you have an emerging small business, but you do not have a conventional office setup? Perhaps you are looking to limit costs when it comes to office expenses. If so, it may make sense for you to invest in live receptionist services. With virtual secretary services in place, you can make your company more available to your customers by enabling you to receive calls at all times, regardless of whether the call is made within office hours or not. For example, dentists and physicians who utili...More >

Keep Your Office Space More Comfortable by Hiring Live Virtual Receptionists

"Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking...JUST a moment." "Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking...JUST a moment." "Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking...JUST a moment." In the classic comedy Office Space, Nina's repetitive phone answering drives the main character, Peter, crazy. While it is funny in the movie, it could actually happen in real life and workers getting annoyed at others who are always on the phone isn't uncommon. However, having a receptionist is vital for businesses...More >

Need Phone Support? Hire an Answering and Virtual Receptionist Service

Our customer service-based economy allows many professionals in a variety of fields to work from home or away from the traditional office environment. With the advent of the virtual office, business entrepreneurs and other individuals can work from almost anywhere that there’s an internet connection and a phone. However, one challenge of working from home and dealing with clients by phone can involve struggling with the ability to maintain a professional image. If you have an emergency take yo...More >

Three Benefits of Using Phone Answering Services

When business is booming, is it possible to successfully handle a high volume of client phone calls? While this might seem difficult to accomplish, it is actually easier than you may think. Live phone answering services are a modern and helpful way to ensure that you never miss a business phone call. There are several benefits of utilizing this type of virtual assistant service, as it will allow you to run your business more efficiently. 1. High call volume. One of the main benefits of phone ...More >

Discover Cutting Edge Receptionist Services and Virtual Assistants

Phone answering services definitely aren’t what they used to be. But you’d be hard pressed to find one that isn’t superior to Bell Telephone. Just kidding, of course, because today’s cutting-edge phone answering services are nothing like those ancient times where office telephones were answered by secretaries glued to their desk chairs from nine to five. Actually, traditional secretaries and phone answering services are becoming obsolete. While this doesn’t mean that they are not st...More >

How to Manage a Virtual Office with Business Telephone Answering Services

If you use a virtual office, whether you’re working from home or constantly traveling, you know that it can be difficult for customers to contact your business if it’s only you answering the phone. Because of differences in time zones and schedules, you might not be able to answer phone calls every time. Fortunately, there is help for you through the many business telephone answering services available for virtual offices and online businesses. What do business telephone answering service...More >

Virtual Office Services

Live answering services can help your business to maintain flexibility while reducing its overhead and preventing it from losing business. Virtual receptionists and offices handle your business’ reception needs without your having to go to the trouble of hiring someone and renting office space to accommodate them. Live answering services and other virtual office services can take many forms, depending on what your business requires. Live phone answering services can be important for many di...More >