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Improve Flexibility by Working With Virtual Receptionists

Office spaces today tend to look quite different than they did in the past. Today, contemporary offices feature open floor plans that encourage communication and collaboration rather than cubicles and individual offices that tend to stifle creativity. For some businesses, having an office at all is no longer essential. Virtual offices are becoming more and more common, especially as communication technologies continue to improve, and workers are better able to communicate from anywhere. But owners and managers who want to take advantage of that ability often need to invest in a live virtual receptionist to help keep things organized and make sure clients and customers with concerns are directed to the right person. Essentially, a live virtual receptionist works in the same way as someone who sits at a desk and answers phones. The biggest difference, however, is that they are working from a remote location, rather than just a few feet away from other employees. As a result, businesses can be much more flexible about not only where employees work on a daily basis, but also when they are able to accept calls. Virtual receptionists can be the perfect solution for businesses who have extended hours or clients in different time zones, eliminating the potential for lost business because the office was closed. The flexibility that live virtual receptionists provide is not just limited to different hours. In addition, they allow workers to field calls from their work office, home office, or cell phone after being screened. While the majority of receptionists today have that ability, those who work in call centers and other off-site locations may be better trained and able to handle a large volume of calls going to multiple destinations for just one person. As an added bonus, live answering services can also record calls; a worthwhile process for a couple of reasons. For one, it helps to eliminate any communication problems that lead to issues in the future. Plus, it allows businesses to better evaluate their receptionist services and find room for improvement. Recording calls is not limited to virtual receptionists, of course, but it is a valuable service. Over the years, offices have evolved in an attempt to not only make workers more comfortable but to help them be more productive. Today, that evolution has lead to virtual offices that allow people to work from home and on the go without having to worry about missing so much as a phone call. But in order to make sure they function efficiently, owners who want to give their employees the freedom of a virtual office should invest in live virtual receptionists who help make sure communications stay organized.

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