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How Constant Link 24/7 Live Receptionist Service Works from Constant Link on Vimeo.

How Constant Link helps businesses from Constant Link on Vimeo.

Professional, Live Receptionists

The professionalism of a traditional receptionist for just a fraction of the cost.  Constant Link makes a great impression on your clients with each and every call.

Seamlessly Connect Your Calls Anywhere in the World

With Constant Link, you can be “in your office” anywhere around the world — even when you’re on the go.  Your calls are professionally answered live and screened, then announced to your office, your home, your cell phone or any other contact point you desire.  You have the option to take each call and have it seamlessly connected to you instantly — or we can take a message and e-mail or text it to you within seconds.

24/7 Live Virtual Receptionist Coverage

Does your company have extended hours or business in other time zones around the world?  Constant Link’s live receptionist service gives you professional coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And because we have a full staff of experienced, talented virtual receptionists, you’ll never have to worry about coverage gaps for lunch breaks, sick days or vacations.

Tailored to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Every business trains their receptionist a little differently, so we’ll work with your business — and each member of your team — to handle your calls exactly as you prefer.  Each member of your company can give us a different set of instructions on how to handle their calls, including specific instructions for individual callers and expected calls.

E-Mail & Text Your Messages

In addition to our Control Center, you can also have your caller messages sent to you as e-mails or text messages.

Appointment Scheduling

Our receptionists will capture appointments that would otherwise be lost. Want us to schedule appointments in real-time?  We can obtain the caller’s info and schedule an appointment for you on to your web based calendar, or as a message, then send you that information right to your Smart Phone or E-mail (Optional feature $30 per month)

Toll-Free Update Hotline (1-888-511-6101)

Need to give us special instructions for a call you’re expecting?  Or are you going out of town and have a temporary number where you should be reached?  Call our toll-free hotline at1-888-511-6101 to change or update your Constant Link virtual receptionist call handling at any time.

Toll-Free or Local Number Included

Constant Link works with existing phone numbers, or we can provide new numbers for you.  We can provide toll-free numbers, or local numbers for anywhere in the U.S.  All new accounts include one toll free or local phone number.

Works with All Phone Systems and Any Number of Employees

With Constant Link, there’s no need to change or purchase expensive phone equipment.  Our system works with your existing phone system setup, and we can handle up to 100 separate phone lines or extensions under each Constant Link account.

No Outsourcing

Based in California, unlike some virtual receptionist solutions, Constant Link does not outsource your calls outside of the U.S.

More Minute Plans, more choices for you

While most Answering Services offer 3 – 5 calling plans, Constant Link Plans go up in 50 minute increments. Why?, Let’s say your account uses 350 minutes every month. With the other guys you have a couple of choices: 100, 200 or 500 minutes. If you choose 200 minute plan, you are paying for 150 excess minutes which adds up. If you choose 500 minutes, you are wasting 150 minutes every month and you feel like you’re getting ripped off. Constant Link offers minute plans in: 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500 minutes, and so forth, all the way to 5,000 minutes, so that if you’re using 350 minutes, we have a 350 minute plan that fits your needs. That’s savings in your pocket every month.


Do you answer live 24/7/365? – Yes

Do you charge extra for holidays or weekends? – No

How do I receive my messages?- Your choice, by text or email

Can multiple people receive a message? –Yes. We can CC multiple users

Do you charge to connect the call to me? – No

Do you charge to send me my messages? – No

Do I get billed for my talk time after a call is connected to me? –No. We only bill for receptionist talk time minutes.

Can I forward whenever I want? –Yes, some clients forward to us all the time and some forward after hours and on weekends.

What if I forget to forward my phone when I leave the office? –The forwarding is completely controlled from your end. For safety reasons we cannot forward your line to us.

Can you call a person who is on-call? Yes, we do this for many clients.

What if the person on-call does not answer? – If the person on call does not answer, if there is a backup person, we will call them. This is called a “cascade”, if one does not answer, we cascade to the next person.

Can I leave instructions if I will be gone for a few days or on vacation?- Yes, if you will be away, we can connect your calls to another associate of yours, or, we can take messages and let the caller know, per your instructions, when you will be getting back to them.

Do you process credit card orders? No, we do not, but there are other answering services who specialize in order taking and processing caller’s credit cards.

How long does it take to set up the service? We can have most accounts set up in 2 business days. More complex accounts may take a day longer.

How are your receptionists trained? Our Receptionists go through intensive training and are reviewed once a month on randomly selected messages, to ensure accuracy.

What services do you offer? Live 24/7/365 answering. Web Dashboard. IVR menus, personalized greeting. Scheduling of clients to your web based calendar, call intake and external post (we take the info and it posts to your web document platform), As well as bilingual answering, we also offer translation services if your caller is a Spanish speaker, we can translate for you during the call. Voice Mail boxes, Time of day routing, on call schedule call routing.

How does your billing work? We bill on the first of each month for that month’s plan. If the client used any excess minutes the month before, they are added to the bill. Example: On March 1st, we bill for March and any excess minutes from February, if any.

Do you have a referral Policy? Yes, we do. As a thank you for referring a business associate or anyone who could benefit from our service, if your referral signs up for at least 120 days, Constant Link will send you a check or credit your account. If your referral signs up on the 100 minute plan or higher, Constant Link will send you a check for $300 or credit your account the same amount. If your referral signs up on the 50 minute plan, Constant Link will send you a check for $150 as our way of saying thank you.

What if I’m not a client, can I still refer someone to your service? Yes, you can. Just contact us, let us know the name of the person you are referring and if you would like us to contact them, or if they will be contacting us. After they sign up, the referral policy applies just like the above paragraph. We’ll send you a check for $300 or $150 depending on the plan the signed up on.